The Quantum Revolution

 Introduction: Google, Nasa, and other scientists will be sharing a  quantum computer for research and development in the near future.  The meaning of a quantum computer lies in math and physic but the results are simple, this computer is roughly 3,600 times more powerful than the everyday computers and even high end PCs that gamers use.  These record breaking computers are called quantum computers and they are the future of computation. Continue reading The Quantum Revolution

The Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has taken the wraps of its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. This is the successor to the hugely successful Galaxy S2. The phone that has spawned over 18 different variants! These phones shot Samsung up to the spot of top smartphone manufacturer. So there’s a lot riding on its successor, so lets dive in. Continue reading The Samsung Galaxy S III

The next Controversy: 3D Printed Guns

We’re at a crossroads yet again with technology going further than anyone thought possible, and the law struggling to keep up. This has caused a division between the U.S. government, 3D printer owners, and activists alike. This all began when a very popular 3D printing gunsmith named Cody Wilson uploaded his designs and blueprints for his handgun online. For owners of 3D printers, this means that they can simply download the designs and blueprints, and then print gun parts out. Continue reading The next Controversy: 3D Printed Guns

The new Playstation Vita. Thinner, lighter and battery-er

The title says it all.

Nonetheless, Sony held their press event in Tokyo on the 9th September ’13 announcing the new Playstation Vita. The Vita PCH-2000 is 15 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than the original model and will add an additional hour of life to the battery, upping the gameplay to a claimed 6 hours. Well lucky for me, there was an English translation, so that’s the only reason why I’m able to enlighten you gamers. Continue reading The new Playstation Vita. Thinner, lighter and battery-er