How To Setup Kodi On Roku

Kodi is an open source media streaming software. It is also very flexible and will works on various operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and many others. By using the Kodi app, you can play so many streaming channels like videos, sports, music and much more media contents using the internet and other local network connection. It can also be having some additional advantages like you can add or install your favourite add-ons and enjoy the free contents available on the internet. Kodi is not available in Roku by default. This article explains, various methods on how to install Kodi on Roku.

Roku is a digital set up box streaming more than 2500 channels available on it. Since it is a famous and very popular streaming media player, the channels available on Roku is always taken through the internet and then the process of streaming will takes place and then the content is displayed on the user’s Smart TV with the help of HDMI cable.

How to install kodi on roku

In general, the roku does not officially support the kodi. So, you have to officially download the Kodi and Roku device. First, you can add Kodi on Roku and enjoy the various entertainment things such as movies, music and TV shows etc. Now let us see the step by step process for how to install Kodi on Roku.

Step 1: First you have to go to the Roku Homepage.

Step 2: Now you have to click on the Settings option and then select the System Update and make sure that you are using the Roku stick software version 5.2

Step 3: After completing the above process, Again go back to the Settings option and then select the Screen Mirroring option available on the Settings.

Step 4: Now you have to turn on the Screen Mirroring option by clicking on the Enable Screen Mirroring and then proceed to OK.

Step 5: Once you have enable the Screen Mirroring option, then you will be able to view the content of Kodi on Roku device.

After completing the above steps, then the Kodi will be installed on Roku and you can play your favorite content of Kodi on Roku without the app of Kodi for Roku. Now you can watch a variety of TV shows, music, sports and much more.

Enable Screen Mirroring On Your Android Device

A majority of Android devices will support the options called screen mirroring. However, this feature is present in all smartphones but appears with different names like Cast, HTC Connect, Smart View, Display Mirroring, etc. To enable any one of these feature, then you have to access Kodi using Roku.

The Screen Mirroring comes with a different terms for android mobile phones, so you will find the exact term to activate it. The feature can usually be activated from the Settings menu, and may fall in any one of the following sub-menus like Display, Network, Connection, Cast.


In this article, we can provide the installation process for how to setup the Kodi on Roku. So you need to follow the steps carefully and install Kodi on Roku device. If you have any queries, Kindly do let us know via comments.

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