How to get rid of all the kodi pairing error?

Pairing errors are one of the most annoying things in kodi. That too when you rea planning to chill out in the weekend. this little popup window appears showing stream authorization errors. Most of the time, we try some fix. But it won’t work. So we feel like throwing that console in our hand. Most of the time I did this. Are you like me?

Don’t worry here after you don’t have to do it. There is a way to fix this issue once and for all. Pairing method is the only available method to fix this issue. But here we won’t be fixing the issue, we are about to get rid of the issue once and for all. The method I am going to share will work on any version of kodi.

Stream authorization is the only way to verify that the streaming person is a human. so some servers keep this steps as mandatory. We will be removing all these servers from the URL resolver. So the URL Resolver won’t fetch those servers. So you won’t receive any error. And this is a one time process. Once you have configured the URL resolver, it will be one hell of inner peace.

By doing so we are eliminating some of the possible working streams. So make sure to face the consequences. But trust me personally, blocking those streams saves tons of time. Sometimes, the pairing method is not working.

How to get rid of all the kodi pairing error?

First, make sure to take a backup of current kodi. Since URL resolver is a system dependency, messing it up may cause a big issue. To be on the safer side take a backup by using any of the program addons. I personally suggest taking a full backup from indigo kodi addon. After taking the backup to follow to the below steps.

  1. Go to settings > System settings.
  2. Change the settings mode to expert. By default, it will be in standard mode.
  3. Then select addons in the left Pane.
  4. Select manage dependencies in the right pane.
  5. From the list of dependencies, select URL Resolver.
  6. From the information window, select Configure.
  7. Now Search for stream authorization server on the Resolver list.
  8. And disable the server with stream authorization.
  9. Select ok and restart your kodi.

After these steps, you won’t find that server again on your list. You must disable the right server. You can find the server from the error box. Mostly it will be like Openload, video pair, and a few more. If you had disabled the wrong server, you can follow the same steps to enable them.

Since we had disabled some of the servers, the number of streams will be reduced. But you can access all of them for free, without any authorization. From the list, some may work and some not. But no more annoying stream authorization pop up!

Thus you had successfully get rid of all the kodi pairing errors. Hope this article is informative. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and beloved ones. Your little share may save a console and few bucks for your friends!


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