The new Playstation Vita. Thinner, lighter and battery-er

The title says it all.

Nonetheless, Sony held their press event in Tokyo on the 9th September ’13 announcing the new Playstation Vita. The Vita PCH-2000 is 15 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than the original model and will add an additional hour of life to the battery, upping the gameplay to a claimed 6 hours. Well lucky for me, there was an English translation, so that’s the only reason why I’m able to enlighten you gamers.

This trend is traditional for every Playstation launched by Sony. The Playstation 2 followed by a slimmer and lighter iteration, and extending the same logic for the Playstation Portable and the Playstation 3. Okay okay, fine, I’m getting to the Playstation Vita, keep calm and read on.

The WiFi-only version of the Vita will land in Sony’s home country (Japan, just FYI) first, on October 10th priced at 18,980 yen (about $190), and Sony still hasn’t elucidated on it’s availability in other parts of the world. Sony said that stores will be accepting pre-orders though, so you can book yours now. The new Vita is less demanding on the wallet than it’s bulkier counterpart when it had launched (priced at 24,980 yen). Sony chose to go from a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). An OLED display works without a backlight.

The all-new Vita is going to launch in 6 color options- pink, black, blue, grey, lime green, and yellow. Alongside those colors, Sony’s already planned for three special edition models: Gundam BreakerGod Eater and Otomate. It’s also going to utilize a micro-USB port for charging and transferring data, just like smartphone’s these days, so as to make it universally compatible. It’s coming with 1 Gigs of built-in storage as well.

Sony also announced that the prices for the prices for the Memory cards for the Vita will be slashed as well, to make it “more affordable”. From capacities ranging from 4GB to 32GB, they’ve been reduced to between 1,554 yen (about $15) and 6,804 yen (just over $68). Along with that, they also announced a new 64 GB Vita Memory card priced at 10,479 yen (roughly $105) that will be in store on the October 10th as well.

Another gadget announced was the PlayStation Vita TV. The device is a complete non-portable variant of the PlayStation Vita console system. Instead of featuring a display screen, the console connects to a television via HDMI.

The WiFi model of the new PS Vita is getting a new ‘Play!’ Game Pack, which comes with pre-installed games and a memory card packed in — as well as a complementary 90 days of PS Plus. There’s no launch date as yet for this bundle, but it’s priced for Japan at 24,129 yen (about $241). The company says that it’ll ultimately discontinue the OLED WiFi model, but that the 3G/WiFi OLED version will continue to be available and will find its way into similar discount bundles in the future.

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