The Quantum Revolution

 Introduction: Google, Nasa, and other scientists will be sharing a  quantum computer for research and development in the near future.  The meaning of a quantum computer lies in math and physic but the results are simple, this computer is roughly 3,600 times more powerful than the everyday computers and even high end PCs that gamers use.  These record breaking computers are called quantum computers and they are the future of computation.

How: Computers are at a cross roads between physics and mathematics and this powerful combination means that breakthroughs in both math and science can mean radical changes in computers.  This crossroads is also the basis for engineering.   One of the newer breakthroughs is quantum tunneling which can make solving certain types of mathematical equations take less than a second.  In this time it can look through all possible answers and find the best.  This is done by quantum tunneling. Quantum tunneling where a particle goes through a barrier it would not be able to following the normal laws of physics.

USRA: The Universities Space Research Agency is paying the 10 million dollar price tag on this breakthrough in computing.  The computer will be commercially available at the Ames Research Center which is located in the Silicon Valley.  While paying 10 million dollars for a computer does seem like a regrettable choice.  However the USRA is confident that this purchase will lead to countless innovations and solutions.

Google: Google is not intending on ruling the world with this new technology, yet.  However they are interested in what quantum computers could do for AI which for google, means voice recognition. How much quantum computers will actually mean to Google in the future, is unclear at this point.

Nasa: Nasa’s intentions are not as ambitious as Googles but they are also scheduling time with the quantum computer so that they can plan and take care of problems. If the problem solving and planning done by Nasa goes well, we can expect them to utilize the quantum computers in very interesting ways.

Who’s manufacturing them: D- Wave Systems is the company who is manufacturing and selling quantum computers.  They are a canadian company who has had their fair share of controversy through their 14 years over quantum computing.  The controversies lie in the methods that D- Wave Systems is using for the foundation in their quantum computers.  Their method is called quantum annealing which gives quantum qubits knowledge of each other.  Even though there is controversy, the benchmarks have proven that Google, Nasa, and USRA have made a great investment.

Conclusion:  Every aspect of quantum computing remains for large companies with large pockets for now, but it seems that if the research and development is done properly quantum computers can become more viable for personal use.  The story of the quantum computer has just began and through the years there will be many challenges including pricing, demand, and physicists trying to decide how to define quantum computing but the D- Wave Two is great step toward the right direction.

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