How to use Kodi Repositories

The Repositories are just like a websites where the add-ons files are stored. Whenever an add-on was created, it has been hosted in a repository so that the users can download and use it very easily. There are so many repositories are available on kodi. But finding the best kodi repository is a big deal. The popular repositories can have a large numbers of addons. So, you can use that repositories and access hundreds of add-ons. One of the main advantages of using the repositories is that the add-on which you are using gets updated by the developer, it will be automatically updated on your Kodi. When you use a repository, you need not worry about having to manually update your software, as it will all be done automatically.

How to Install a Kodi Repository?

Installing a repository on Kodi is a simple process. Initially, you can add the URL of the repository to your sources, so that Kodi knows where to look for add-on files to download. You can use the install from zip file command in the add-ons section of Kodi to add the repository to your build. Now let us see the installation procedure for how to install a Kodi Repository.

  1. First, you have to open Kodi on your device.
  2. From the Kodi Homepage, click on the settings icon and then go to File Manager.
  3. Now, you have to double-click on Add source.
  4. Now the Add file source dialog box is displayed on the screen. In that, you have to select the <None>.
  5. Here you need to enter the URL of the repository. Make sure that the URL which you have entered is correct and then click OK.
  6. Here you have to enter a name which you want for the source and then click OK.
  7. After entering the correct URL and source name, then click OK.
  8. Next, you need to go to the Kodi Home-screen and select the Add-ons.
  9. Now you can click on the Package Installer icon which is present at the top-left corner.
  10. Now you have to select the Install from zip file.
  11. Here you need to select the source that you have already entered in step 6.
  12. Now you can select the repository zip file and then wait for few seconds till the repository completes its installation process.
  13. Now the repository has been added to your Kodi system.

How to Use a Kodi Repository?

Once the repository has been added to your system, you can use it to start installing Kodi add-ons. Here are instructions on using a repository to find and install add-ons:

  1. From the Kodi Homepage, you have to select the Add-ons which is present at the left-side menu.
  2. Now you can click on the Package Installer icon which is present at the top-left corner.
  3. Next, you can select the Install from repository.
  4. Now you have to find and select the required repository from the list.
  5. Here, you need to click on the category of the add-on that you’re looking for, such as Video add-onsMusic add-ons, or Program add-ons.
  6. Now you have to select the add-on which you want to install.
  7. Now you can select the  Install option and wait for few seconds till the addon completes its installation process.
  8. After addon installed successfully, you will be indicated by the pop-up displayed on the top-right corner of the screen.


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