Whatsapp Messenger gets updated

An update for the Whatsapp Messenger App for iOS was released on the 16th of July, 2013 that provided several enhancements.

It really isn’t required to elaborate on this immensely popular App, but nonetheless, for those of you who aren’t aware of it, Whatsapp Messenger, in a nutshell, is an application that allows users to send messages and share audio files, locations, photos and video clippings with other Whatsapp users. The best part is that data can be sent by and shared over Wifi and Cellular Data between Android, iOS(iPhone only), Blackberry, Symbian S60 and S40 and Windows Phone; all leading Operating Systems in the market. It runs along the similar lines of iMessage, but of course except for the fact that it is cross-platform.

So, the 2.10.1 update for the iOS version added some really helpful features. Multiple photos can be selected and sent at the same time, instead of the previous tedious protocol of manually selecting each photo, one at a time and hitting “Send” individually. Whatsapp now supports iCloud storage, meaning that your chat history and media will be backed up as well. Unfortunately, the support for backing up video clippings hasn’t been added. You can choose how frequently you want to backup the App on iCloud; from a daily, weekly and monthly basis automatically, or manually, according to any time preferred by the user.

Also, when the application is closed and a notification pops up regarding a new message, then tapping on the Banner notification or swiping across, in case the iPhone is in the Lock Screen, will take you directly to the chat conversation involving that message. Unlike the preceeding version, in which doing the same, will just open the Whatsapp application and requiring the user to open the chat conversation manually. Support has also been provided for changing your registered mobile number on Whatsapp Messenger to another, thus providing convenience for users to migrate account info, groups and settings to a new number, instead of setting up the new Whatsapp registered number from scratch. It is also possible now to save a person’s Whatsapp Display Picture, unlike the previous version in which only viewing the display picture was possible. And lastly, URL schema support for third party applications has also been added.

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